“This is Why We Don’t Make Reservations”camp on the CO river

Our Road Trip from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rockies

After leaviving the Rio Grande river, the plan was to go north east towards Boulder, Co, which is where Alfredo’s sister lives. We traveled north on Hwy 149′ the “Silver Thread Byway” which is the most beautiful roadway I’ve seen yet. We drove through canyons and mountain tops with curves and swoops with visual delights at each turn. After going through Lake City, we saw a sign for camping and decided to check it out for future reference. At first, we were in awe by the fact that we would be able to camp right along the Colorado River. There were only 5 sites and the best were taken. As we were leaving, we noticed that the road kept heading along the river so we went exploring. We didn’t make it to the next campground because we saw a site, by itself, on the river in this magnificent canyon waiting just for us. Holy cow! We don’t want to leave. This has been the best find throughout our trip.

big rocks on CO river co river from lake city on the CO river

The next day, we grabbed our bikes and rode through the canyon road while taking photos and videos along the way. There are small historical marker kiosks set up to describe and inform the significance of this road which was an old railway line built in the 1870’s. It connected the folks, miners, in Lake City to the more populated city of Sapinero. It travels alongside of the Colorado River and we rode our bikes as far as it would take us which was approximately 5 miles.

I mentioned the Rio Grande river and realized that I haven’t shared the experience of camping in a valley on the river. Apparently, it hadn’t rained in July and the local folk were a bit concerned about having another drought. Then WE arrived! We had been in and out of rainstorms for over a week. It’s an adventure and it was too wondrous to leave too soon. Finally, when it the early mornings were in the low 40’s, we knew it was time to go but not until we had a nice hike near the Rio Grande Reservoir.


Rae Marie & Alfredocamp on the rio grande sunset incoming rain on rio grande