“Wild Thoughts”

Our Road Trip from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rockies

It’s been challenging, to say the least, to get to an area with wi-fi in order to gather our thoughts so we can share our adventures with you. So far, we’ve had a run in with a bear, buzzed by hummingbirds, befriended several chipmonks, went swimming in ice cold mountain lakes, have traversed many hiking trails and have had many fun and interesting conversations with other hikers and travelers.pancito portrait

After leaving the Appalachians we headed west to Tennessee to visit family and check out their new farm. They call it the “Run-a-Muck Farm” and it truly fits. It was so good to be with family again and experience their new joy. From there we headed over to New Mexico and into the Pecos Mountains Wilderness Area just east of Santa Fe. The hikes and views were spectacular!


Rae Marie and Alfredo
IMG_0735 lake stewart vista by dam mtn meadow raemarie in lake stewart mule deer in holy ghost area Alfredo by stream into Lake Poage rae marie on west side of lake poage