“Wild Thoughts”

Our Road Trip from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rockies

Part 2NC mystic rays in our private stream


It is an easy task if Florida to find a level area. Most every surface is either grated, paved, tiles carpeted or mowed. In the mountains, a somewhat level area will be a tent pad made of fine and not so fine gravel and dirt. Most times when we are going out to the middle of a stream for water or a really quick bath,  we are as sure-footed as a mountain goat, stepping from one rock to another. Even when walking through different terrains of the forest, the paths are supported by roots, rocks and boulders. However,  there are times when we misjudge out stones. They may seem stalwart and true until you put your weight on one the wiggles and the next one slim with wet moss. Some of our missteps would make Buster Keaton proud with arms flailing as the body tries to stay upright and we put a little graceful hop in place at the end suggesting that we meant to do that.alfredo on trail at upper falls rae marie at upper falls upper falls GY fields 1




Rae Marie & Alfredo