I have always felt that we homo-sapiens, as a species, have generally been under the arrogant delusion that this planet and all it’s inhabitants are our property and dominion. As an artist and ecology enthusiast, I am inclined to a less presumptuous vision of our cohabitation of this beautiful little planet hurling through space.

The following three paintings were created for a very special client who fortunately has had the enviable good fortune of having lived in Africa and seen these majestic creatures in their natural habitats. In each case he suggested the species for the painting in question and as we talked about the Elephants, Lions or Cheetahs I would get a “vision” of the scene. To this day, I am convinced these “visions” were as much my client’s as mine own because I don’t believe I would have come up with these detailed paintings in my mind were it not for his “help” since I have never traveled to Africa or really been considered a “wildlife artist” either.