About 4 years ago, sitting down chatting with a dear artist friend, Jan Sebastian is when the idea for my “Playful Pet Portraits” was born. I WAS TALKING ABOUT MY LOVE OF WHIMSICAL COLORS EXPRESSING JOY AND FANTASY. She suggested I channel that preference for wild colors into pet portraits. She said it would be a sure hit knowing my long devotion to painting wildlife scenes with carefully and meticulously detailed “furry creatures.” Lately, I have had the joy of getting several commissions to paint these colorfully painted pet portraits for my clients, so I’m including some photos of the “finished products” for you all to enjoy.

I try to match the personality of the pet with the colors that these lovely creatures inspire in me. Not only do I enjoy painting these little treasures, but I love seeing the delighted reaction of their new owners when they first see the finished piece of art framed and ready to hang on their wall.

Each original is painted with my favorite medium, pastels on a suede mat board sized at 8×8. Each piece is professionally framed in a scooped black frame and protected behind glass.

Recently, I also came up with the idea of including a smaller 5 x 5 inch print of the same portrait framed in a 2 ¼” deep frame that makes it ideal for desktop or coffee table display. I’m keeping the prices very affordable too.

The original Playful Pet Portrait goes for only $95 and the desktop print for $25. The only thing you need to provide is a photograph of your pet and a 50% down payment.

If you are interested in having your furry companion become a wild work of art, please fill out the form below and and I will contact you right away.