This is the third video in the series from “Diversity in Urban Art” featuring my painting, “Tiger Speaks” which is another rendition of Bahl-shoy, that resides at the Care Foundation, located in Apopka, Fl. – . Years ago, I would go out to their compound and take a LOT of pictures (with film) and use them for reference material for my wildlife paintings. After observing, listening and talking with Christin (owner/founder), I was able to go into the cages and play area with her big cats. Bahl-shoy, of course, was on his leash (chain)! What a thrill!! Recently, I visited their new space and what a delight it was to see and visit with my favorite tiger again.  I’ll share some of my photos on an upcoming post.  One of the things I would like to point out regarding my ‘palette’ is that in these videos, I present a small container of pastels. Those were a very small collection of what I had ‘on hand’ at the time of the video. In my studio at home, I have several containers lined up on a shelf… or two that separate the reds, yellows, greens, etc. It’s quite a collection! In fact, when I go into an art supply store, I’m like a kid in a candy store… ooooo, I want this color and that one and this yummy purpley-red one too!!

Thanks again to the crew at Orlando Tech. It was a joy working with you guys!

Enjoy the video and keep in mind that if you are interested in a print or limited edition giclee’ on canvas or paper, please feel free to contact the gallery at 407-324-1577.