This to me is one of Alfredo’s most unique and mysterious paintings and it began in a rather surprising way too. One day he was taking a break at the studio playing chess against the computer a usual but that time he was also drawing with a black ink pen what seemed a series of swirls and undulating¬† strokes like a kind of absent minded “doodling”. After a while he jumps up and shouts “this could be a painting”. I examined the doodle and made out what could be a female figure in a sleeping position. He set off to prepare a canvas and began his painting. I fell in love with it because of the wonderfully complex sculptural effects he created topped off with exciting and passionate colors schemes. You can tell it is an evolution of his geometric Neo-Cubist style when you compare it with his “CHE” “PEGASUS” or the “GEO-VENUS”. He says this painting represents his favorite female qualities : sensuality, sweetness and a kind heart.