Gift of the Moon

Rae Marie

Pastels   30″x60″   $2400.

We see the moon as a timekeeper as it waxes and wanes through its cycles which relates to the feminine mystique. It is the moon that reminds us that everything changes. As women, we have our seasons, our ebb and flow. During the painting process, I felt a sense of healing and strength as I created the radiating beams from this lunar orb. Scientifically, we know the moon is visible to us due to the light it reflects from the sun, the powerhouse of life’s energy. Personally, this is symbolizing the heartfelt love that radiates from family and friends. We transfer this positive energy to those we surround ourselves with. That energy gives us the strength to make the right decisions and become the woman we want to be. Sharing, kind, inspiring but strong and forthright.
Her posture shows strength with humility knowing that she can withstand the oppressing winds with the support of her tribe, those who are near and dear.

The original painting was created using pastels on a suede mat board.