Mayan Yawn

        Rae Marie

           Pastels  24.25″x16.25″     $1250.

Maya is the name of this beautiful jaguar that was rescued by “The Care Foundation” ( now located in Apopka, Florida. With the guidance of Kristin, the founder and owner, I was allowed to be in the exercise area with Maya while she was loose and free to play. For awhile, I became her new play toy as she practiced her sly jaguar ways. Her beguiling saunter and supposed uninterested prowl was just a rouse as she snuck her way behind me to put herself in a position for a sneak attack. Her stealthy plan was foiled as I turned with my camera to shoot. That particular photo was blurred, but I did manage to catch her later with this airy yawn of aloofness. It was a perfect moment to capture with my pastels and set her in a high place of honor under a royal magenta sky.
The original painting was created using pastels on a suede mat board.