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Capture Your Pet’s Unique Personality with a Playful Pet Portrait

Has your heart been captured by a comical canine or fussy feline? Our pets are members of the family. It’s why we love taking photos of them. We want to remember how they look and act. There’s another way to preserve those timeless memories. With a custom pastel pet portrait that enhances your companion’s endearing expression.

“Love these….you really capture their personalities!”  – Pamela Ebrey Williams

It’s a joy for me to create a painting of your pet that shows off its quirky personality in a colorful, contemporary style. And if you want to show off your pet’s natural colors, I can do that too!

“Your stuff is just awesome… love your use of color.” – Caroline McKeon

If you’re not a dog or cat owner, don’t despair. I enjoy painting animal portraits of rabbits, horses and piglets too!

Each pet portrait is created with soft pastels on a suede mat board. All I need are two or three photos of your furry family treasure for reference.

Pastel portraits are available in the following sizes:

Small (9x9 or 8x10):   $185
Medium (12x12 or 11x14):   $260
Large (16x16 or 16x20):   $320

The image will either be square or rectangular, depending on the composition.

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#2 Pictures!

Big decisions here… only because, I bet you have so many cute photos of you pet.

To make it easier, send 3  or more photos of your pet. It’s a good idea to have a larger size jpg that is clear so I can see the details. Also, let me know if you have any color preferences.

#3 Sketch Approval

I will do a layout sketch to show placement and send to you for your approval. You can make any revisions from here. Keep in mind that it is a simple line drawing.

#4 It's on the easel

In 1-3 weeks, I will email a photo of the finished artwork for your approval. Of course, if you want to revise something, this is your moment! Keep in mind that each commission is on a first-come-first-served basis so the turn around time depends on the current order volume.

#5 Your Stamp of Approval

Once approved, it is ready to be framed and shipped.

Paste- Pet-Portrait- Water Dauchs-Dachshund

I just wanted to tell you how happy my boyfriend was to receive the awesome portrait that the talented Rae Marie did of our dog Jazzy. He said it was one of his most favorite gifts. I gave Rae Marie Eric’s favorite color green and she managed to use it on the background and it came out so beautiful. Now he has this beautiful picture of her forever, because he is very attached to Jazzy. It’s definitely a piece of art to cherish. I would highly recommend Rae Marie to anyone who loves their pet.

Denise McDonald