Recently, I had a request for a larger version of my Playful Pet Portraits in a 24×24 instead of the usual 8X8 format. Since pastels must be framed under glass and knowing that it would have to be shipped, I opted for doing this sample portrait in acrylics.  I went through my files and chose this great shot of a Border Collie! Working with paints instead of the pastels has allowed me to do totally different techniques such as the splattering of colors onto the background while still capturing a vivid likeness of the pet and expressing its personality. I am so pleased by this change that I wanted to share with you the result. The essence of my Playful Pet Portraits is to portray your special friend as accurately as possible yet applying bright and whimsical color schemes to heighten the playful character of the pet. So now you have a new choice of portrait for your favorite pet that includes the classic black scooped frame and ready to hang for only $300.