Wedding Announcement Memory Box

Since our opening in 2002, Nancy has been bringing in her treasures to be either framed, repaired or spruced up to match her decor. This is her latest precious addition to her collection. Her daughter just got married in a small town in Italy! As with most nuptial events, something is bound to go awry. In this case, the flowers did not arrive. With quick thinking, Nancy’s grandson found a field of lavender, used a ribbon and flowered ornament from one of their gifts to create a simple bouquet for his Mom (Do I hear the proverbial ‘ahhhh’ in the crowd?). Nancy saved the bouquet along with the wedding announcement, brought it to me and together we designed this little “Memory Box” that encases a cherished moment forever.

By the way, during the process of putting this all together, the gallery was enveloped with the wonderful aroma of lavender. It was pure delight to work with and I even contemplated its delay just so I could enjoy its fresh sweet scent.

I hope this will pique your imagination as to what you can use to create your own Memory Box. They make a wonderfully personal gift for the holidays, a special anniversary or birthday. All it takes is a photo or two and a couple of items to make it personal. The size of this piece was only 8×12.