i'm untitled with flcrow final 5x5 web

What started out as an experiment, turned into a great little painting, at least I think so. However, I haven’t been able to come up with an appropriate title for it.

This is where YOU come in.

Over the next five days, whomever comes up with the best title first (I say ‘first’, just in case two people come up with the same name … it could happen) will receive a hand embellished giclee’ on canvas of the painting itself. Of course, it will be signed by yours truly, your Rae of Sunshine.

So, let the brainstorming begin.


drawing of grackle 6x6 web
drawing and board 6x4 web

This is where it started. A sketch with a fine Grackle perched upon a cairn.

To start, I applied a texture to a 12x12 masonite board. I stained it with the colors that I wanted to work with and roughly transferred an image on opposite corners that I thought would work well with the piece.

After the bird and cairn were transferred to the board, I added shadows and highlights to the background to give it some depth.

painting outside 5x6 webready to paint outside 4x6 web

What I didn’t get, was a photo of the grey tones I painted on the Grackle to get the values of the image in place before I did the veils of color on the final. Something else you won’t see on the Grackle, is the use of  violet interference powder on the birds feathers. It is a very subtle glimmer that reflects the light on the original. this is something that I will apply to the reproductions as well.

Leave your title suggestions either in the comments box or on my Facebook page by the 2nd of February and I will announce the winner on Wednesday, February 3rd!



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