A dear friend of mine, Jim Rucquoi has taken on a mission for our Mother Earth and therefore needs our help. You may already be lucky enough to know him and his wonderful wife, Adele. He is a very creative photographer, writer and is taking an active role to raise awareness and funding by participating in his second tour in the Climate Ride. Jim, in his seventies, is going to attempt this amazing challenge again. This is not a small feat considering the trip is 300 miles on bicycle and must be completed in 5 days! The three beneficiary groups are Rails to Trails Conservancy , 1Sky Climate Precinct Campaign and Green Awareness Climate Action Program. Each rider must raise $2500. just to register for the ride. Please understand that the funds raised don’t go to Jim or the riders. They invest their own time, sweat and expense to make this Climate Ride a success.
For more more details and how to make the dream come true, go to:
Be a part of the solution!