I did something a little different for Christmas this year. Kim, at Riverhouse Pottery & Art Center (next door to yours truly) came up with this idea to have the art galleries throughout downtown Sanford present their “ART TREES” featuring handmade ornaments by local artists. Well, as you can see, I couldn’t just settle for a simple tree. I created a tree out of frames! The biggest challenge were the lights. It took three versions to achieve this final design. Whew! In the meantime, Kim and I have been creating and painting all these beautiful ornaments to sell throughout the month of December. As you can see by the photos below I have three different versions.

The glass balls are painted on the inside with glass paint, baked and then embellished with all sorts of yarns, stones, beads, and bling!

I wanted to add to my collection of wine cork ornaments, so I bumped up the jewels, ribbon, stones and bling on those too.

You’ll notice that each one has it’s own swirly hanger.

Why stop there?! I used the left over fillets to make mini frames that surround the mini prints of several Playful Pet Portraits that I’ve done over the years for my precious clients. Of course, I couldn’t stop there. I used some of my artwork in the same  format and ‘ornamented’ them as well.

So the past month and a half I’ve been a framer by day, artist and Christmas elf by night! (This might be a good time to thank Alfredo for his patience and putting up with me coming home covered with glitter, paint, and  looking googly-eyed!)

I hope you get a chance to stop by soon and pick out a unique treasure to add to your Christmas ornament collection. These little creations will not only look wonderful on your tree or in a window, but they are special one of a kind gifts for those on your list that have a question mark next to their name and you don’t know what to surprise them with. So come on over to FRAMING 508 ART GALLERY and pick out YOUR special ornament.