Exploring and Creating on the Road… Colorado!!

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Travel, Uncategorized

Our next camp location was in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. The drive to get here was filled with incredible landscapes and majestic mountaintops peeking out from each bend in the road. We found this lovely area called East Fork where we were also able to use our kayaks at the Big Meadow Lake.  Getting to the lake itself was adventure as we crossed the Continental Divide on the winding roads from the peaks to the valleys. Afterwards, on our way back to the camp, we took a hike up a mountain and enjoyed the experience of Treasure Falls. 

A real treat and major change of pace from our wilderness camping was our visit to the small but very quaint and somewhat touristy western town of Pagosa Springs. This picturesque location boasts3 wonderful outdoors spas fed by the deepest hot springs in the world. We opted for the “Deluxe” spa which is an assortment of mini pools with different intensities of hot thermal spring water pumped into each one. As usual, Alfredo , always looking to challenge us, chose to go to the hottest pools, ne which was appropriately labeled “The Lobster” because of its boiling hot temperature of 112*  fahrenheit.

One of the unique features of Pagosa Springs is the river flowing through the town and alongside the spa. This allowed us to continually take breaks form the hot water of the thermal pools by dipping ourselves into the frigid waters of the river. We enjoyed this so much that we persisted in this healthy torture for 4 consecutive hours. We met some wonderful people there. Alfredo got to practice his German with a father and daughter from Berlin and his Italian with a fun group of Sicilians. I met a wonderful woman from Wisconsin. We enjoyed interesting conversations on different topics and both felt like kindred spirits. 

Back at camp, we enjoyed the amazing scenery, wildflowers and wildlife that we just happened to come across.  We also found a small waterfall called Silver Falls where we could get some fresh mountain water.  There are so many vistas and images that I have photographed but I daresay that we just might wear out our welcome.