This first clip will give you an idea of who I am as an artist, a little bit about my background and an introduction to the three different styles I paint in. I’ve tried to be as relaxed and candid as possible while being filmed by 2 big cameras, special lights and all sorts of equipment, a director and a crew of technicians from ORLANDO TECH. I’m very happy about the quality of the filming and the wonderful color of my paintings in this film. I’d like to add that the director of DIVERSITY of URBAN ART ORLANDO Mr. Read was wonderfully understanding, supportive, patient and his crew were very professional too. I would also like to give special thanks to Mr.Garvin Smith who is their coordinator/talent scout who found my paintings interesting enough to want to feature me for this series. I’m flattered, honored and grateful for the opportunity to participate in this interesting series of art documentaries which give artists a chance to speak directly to the public.