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Rae Marie

Rae Marie is an accomplished and creative artist specializing in wildlife themes, nature, portraits and a variety of other genres. She trained at the Art Institute of Atlanta in Georgia where she used the opportunity to try out several different mediums. Over time, soft pastels became her preference, especially after experimenting with them on suede mat boards. “It’s as if you are petting the animal as you apply the many strokes of colors.” She developed several techniques with her pastels that include a realistic style that at times, depending on the subject matter,  will add textural dimension using different compound materials when she works in oils or mixed media.

Joined with her predilection for the pastel medium and her love of wildlife and nature, she has rendered a body of work where the graceful and delicate beauties of wildlife abound. As you wander through her portfolio on this site, you’ll find a collection of Playful Pet Portraits that have been commissioned by clients. Each piece is 8x8 and she enjoys working with the bright colors and the quirky, playful looks. “They make me smile when I am painting them and they bring such joy to pet owners.”  View Rae Marie’s Artist Portfolio.