“Wild Thoughts”

Our Road Trip from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rockies

NC our temp home in the mtns

As Alfredo and I make our way out of Florida and into the mountains, we are exploring and living for 2 months in our beautiful National Parks. We’re not totally “roughing it” because our SUV is not only our transport, but also our closet, bike rack, kitchen and fridge. In each park, we will be checking in at the ranger stations and finding the locations of primitive ‘Road Side” camping sites on selected forest service roads. During this time we will be exploring new hiking trails, drawing and taking in the awesome vistas along the way. This series of posts on “Wild Thoughts” will be sharing our adventures, insights, drawings and curiosities and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy sharing them.

Being out in the wild like this, even with the car, we realize how much we take for granted when we are at home. Water is the basic concern. At our first site, we had a wide rocky stream with a fast moving current and sweet mountain water.  At our next site, there was running water but after a few swigs, Alfredo detected it as a non-potable source. It tasted mossy with a hint of damp wood. During our previous explorations, we found a great spot where two beautiful rocky streams merged together with delicious fresh water. So, we brought our containers to fortify our supply for the next couple of days.NC stream near site


Rae Marie & Alfredo