“There is no camera in the whole, wide world that can make a picture anywhere as vivid, brilliant and full of life as Rae Marie does with her pastels.” Alfredo Mujica

Welcome to my world… a place where I envision…

A majestic jaguar yawning under a brilliant magenta sky
The peaceful beauty of a lush Florida lagoon
Delicate dragonfly wings skimming a flower stem

These are all examples of my original art for sale on this website. I love creating pastel paintings of wildlife, nature and… playful pets!

My wish is that these nature paintings and other works of art bring you joy, and spark awareness about the demise of our planet and natural world. View The Artist…

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tiger speaks1x2 100dpi

Explore my collection of wildlife art paintings. I love using soft pastels and mixed media to create lifelike images of our fine furry, feathered and scaly friends.

red cello 3x5 150dpi

This collection expresses my personal thoughts and interests, beyond nature. You get to see another side of me through this contemporary pastel, oil and mixed media art work.

Lavish lily 5x5 96 dpi

These floral paintings are so lifelike your nose may detect a sweet scent emanating from each art work, even though they were created from pastel or oil, not nature.

Playful Pet Portraits
Sugarbear Lyla 5x5 web

Our wild and colorful custom pet portraits capture your furry, scaly or winged family member’s lovable and quirky personality to a T!

Gemini Springs lagoon 3x5 100dpi web

These landscape paintings and small vignettes were created using a variety of media. They provide a glimpse into our natural world that’s worth exploring.

self revelation 4x6 web 96 dpi

This mixed media collection of portraits and paintings represent various depictions of the human figure.