Relax and explore my love of pastels and beyond depicting wildlife, nature, pet portraits and more.

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tiger speaks1x2 100dpiThis is a collection of paintings in pastel or mixed  media of the animal kingdom whether they have fur, feathers or scales.

red cello 3x5 150dpi  You’ll find a more contemporary feel to these paings in postel, oil, or mixed media.

Lavish lily 5x5 96 dpi      You can almost smell their sweet                     aromas as you veiw these paintings in           pastel or oil.


Gemini Springs lagoon 3x5 100dpi webA collection consisting of our natural world  through landscapes or small vignettes using a variety of media. It’s all about exploring!

self revelation 4x6 web 96 dpi      Portraits and paintings or drawings of the           figure make up this collection in a variety of       media.

Playful Pet Portraits
Sugarbear Lyla 5x5 web   Show off your pet in a wild colorful     style that  will portray their lovable     and  quirky personalities.

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